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 We offer following services: 

  • Network Design & Engineering from concept to completion and to hand hold customers as partners in their network evolution and operations.
  • Site Survey to understand existing network infrastructure and to help network design, product identification and implementation up to services and maintenance.
  • Network Consultancy and Audit for the stages of the project to help identification of just required network needs.
  • Project Management in order to report progress activities during the development phase of specific solution.
  • System delivery with field services such as installation, commissioning acceptance test and reliability run testing.
  • Training with operating and maintenance manuals of system along with supervision tools.
  • Support services with Hot Line or/and On Site Assistance to solve any type of issues related to the supplied system.
  • Repair services to ensure continuous operation with a repair progress well under control with agreed Turn Around Time and optimized sets of spare parts.
  Product Overview:
  Product Description Application
1. Sub 6Ghz MicrowaveRadio 

·         Complete system for carrier-class TDM and Ethernet connectivity at up to 50 Mbps full-duplex (upto 8 E1+ Eth) over the 2.3-2.7 GHz and 4.9-5.95 GHz spectrum bands and comply with worldwide standards and regulations (including FCC and ETSI).

  • Cellular , WiFi , WiMAX, and IP Backhaul. 
  • Connectivity for Large Corporations/Institutions .
  •  High Capacity Private Networks. 



High Capacity Digital Microwave Radio 





































Full Radio Featured

.     ATPC
.     RTPC
.     Frequency agility : 250 KHz steps
.     7 to 56 MHz Channel size options
.     From 4 to  1024 QAM
.     Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation
.     XPIC enables channel reuse
.     Software scalable  Throughput :
.     500 Mbps  FULL duplex per carrier
.     (1000Mps w/ CC Reuse by XPIC)

.     8 X E1 , IDU 16 X E1
.     DS0 management
.     Advanced security and encryption
.     Embedded craft terminal
.     DC/DC protection
.     Interfaces:

  2. Giga ETH ports
  3. Optical interface
  4. G703 for TDm traffic (up to 16E1)
  5. Dry contacts i/f
Nodal  Functionalties

.     Ring Configuration:
      switching time < 50ms
.     Network synchronization with SynchE and 1588v2
.     Rapid link shutdown
.     Jumbo frames
.     Enhanced queuing:
      Builds a UNI interface with e2e QoS
.     LAG
.     Integrated Carrier Eth switch


Multiple Configurations
.     MiXed Traffic i/f (FEth. + E1)
.     TDM transport over Ethernet
(CESoP standard)
.     NIDU Eth & NIDU Eth+ 16E1
      Manage up to 4 MW Radio
.     Configurations topologies :
      Ring ; 1+0; 1+1; 2+0 
.     Integrated Carrier Eth switch
      Synchronization over Eth.
.     TDM transport over Ethernet
(CESoP standard)
.     Stackable in protected configurations


         WiMax/LTE Backhaul

         School District Backbone

         Last Mile Access

         Fiber Extension

         WISP Backbone

         Campus Extension

         Pseudowire capability that enables integration of Ethernet and TDM traffic across single packet –based network.



 NGSDH & SDH Equipment      


·         Legacy TDM interfaces

·         Data interfaces ,such as Ethernet,GigE,Fiber Channel or DVB

·         NG SDH functionalities such as GFP,VCAT and LCAS

·         Optical interfaces from STM-0 to STM-64.

·         Deliver packet & TDM services

·         STM-1 to STM-64 SDH

        Provides higher flexibility and lower capital expenses (Capex) operational expenses (Opex).

       Today’s best combination   for data and circuit transport.

         Multiservice packet-friendly NG SDH.


Satellite based communication systems 


·         Cost-effective design, packaging, and easy operation for carrier-class interactive data, voice, and video conferencing

·         Supports various antennas options, plus BUCs/LNBs in C, Ku, Ka and EHF bands



         Telecom service providers


         Governments and enterprises

         Multicast IP applications.


Timing & Synchronization

·         A range of modular equipment & systems in compliance with ITU-T G.811, G.812 & G.813 recommendations OCXO,DOCXO & Rubidium and Maser technologies.

·         PRC, SSU, NTP Time Server and GPS reference clocks, with NMS.


         Complete synchronization solutions and services for telecommunications, digital broadcasting and defense applications

         IP network synchronization 


Mobile Switching System

·         We offer a complete portfolio of highly scalable switching systems including all the value-added services. Our innovative technologies provide cost-effective switching solutions that allow service providers to deploy distributed networks that switch local traffic, significantly reducing backhaul costs.


         As mobile operators migrate to an all-IP core network, they require solutions that enable an easy transition to packet switching while allowing connectivity to any legacy circuit-switched network.


Network-In-A-Box  (NIB)

·         Smallest and lowest entry point into the GSM wireless space.

·         Supports a complete GSM network by integrating a mobile switching center (MSC), a base station controller (BSC) and a base transceiver station (BTS) in a single compact enclosure.


·         It is the cost-effective and small-scale solution for various applications, including tactical networks, private networks, cruise ships, military applications, emergency responses, etc. The GSM NIB is designed for rapid deployment.


Pico BTS/Pico BSS


·         Supports voice and data for all GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz)

·         All-IP architecture supporting standard 3GPP interfaces

·         Integrated BSC functionality

·         Local switching within the enterprise

·         Easy DAS integration for extended coverage

·         Roadmap toward IP PBX connectivity and enterprise FMC


·         In-building wireless experience and incorporates innovative GSM radio and core network technologies.

·         Packaged in a compact, rack-mountable, server-like enclosure, they are designed to be easily installed and configured by corporate IT personnel.


Nano BTS

·         NanoBTS is a complete GSM base station in a laptop size enclosure. It has been widely used for rapid and low cost installation to solve the indoor coverage problems.

·         Single TRX picocell

·         50/900/1800/1900MHz EDGE/AMR

·         TX power for GMSK: +23dBm for 1800/1900MHz and +20 for 850/900 MHz

·         TX power for 8PSK: +13dBm for 1800/1900MHz and +20 for 850/900 MHz

·         Integrated Omni antennas


·         Its applications include filling Macro network holes, and offloading the macro network in office buildings, high rise buildings, business parks, multi-tenant buildings, satellite-based applications, and more.


·         The nano BTS can be using a standard Ethernet connection. With a plug-and-play feature, the nano BTS is very easy to install and maintain.


Micro BTS 


·         MicroBTS is an outdoor IP-based solution designed to increase RF coverage and capacity while reducing up front deployment cost and on-going operating expense.

·         Fully sealed, IP-67 environmental rating

·         Passive cooling for virtually no maintenance

·         Small form-factor for stealth deployment

·         Low power consumption

·         2 or 4 TRX Omni configurations

·         Universal mounting bracket


·         The microBTS is perfect for numerous applications, including hot spots and hole fill at the edge of the network, business campuses, universities, stadiums, subways, tunnels, and rural communities.


·         Simple to install and maintain. Passive cooling – no fans or filters to maintain


·         Flexible IP backhaul


Base Station Controller


·         A high-capacity BSC that aggregates and manages communications between the BTS and the MSC, it supports up to 84 TRXs.


·         It is available for any GSM, DCS, or PCS network.


Cell Site Amplifiers

Tower-Mounted Amplifier

Ground-Mounted Amplifier


Tower-Mounted Amplifier

  • Slim, stackable design to conserve tower space
  • Highly advanced LNA amplifies RX signal for improved receiver performance and increased coverage

Ground-Mounted Amplifier

  • Slim, stackable design conserves rack space and eliminates tower climbs
  • Highly advanced LNA amplifies RX signal for improved receiver performance and increase in coverage

·         Tower-mounted amplifier system for wideband applications


·         Advanced filtering maintains the lowest possible noise figure for improved QoS.


·         Modular system is fully compatible with all base stations


·         Power and alarming for up to three GMA units.



Fixed WiMax

·         Carrier-grade WiMAX Base Station

·         Single-sector Base Station

·         Subscriber Unit

·         Complete range of end-to-end WiMAX solutions including voice, multi-media, and data from virtually any subscriber type (fixed, outdoor, indoor).


Solution delivers the critical elements required to extend services to a wide range of subscribers — ranging from large enterprises and public-sector organizations to multi-tenant buildings.



Mobile  Wimax

·         Up to 3 sector from a single chassis

·         Single sector

·         Pico base station

·         Includes a full line of subscriber stations:

·         Multiple backhaul options.


·         Mobile WiMAX (MMX) solutions are all outdoor,
"place anywhere" 802.16e WiMAX base stations:

·         Outdoor, indoor with voice, data, Wi-Fi capabilities:


Subscriber End Equipment


·         GSM Payphones

·         GSM Fax Machines

·         Data Cards

·         End users



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