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Telecom Division Presentation in French

SMCEL-Telecom Division
is a unique division as it has the capability of providing both Telecom and Enterprise Networking Solutions for Wireless and Wireline Infrastructures.  

Telecom Division is a major supplier of turnkey solutions and masters all service activities from network design & planning upto installation and training during the system deployment with extensive range of support for the whole operational service life.

Telecom Division and its associated subsidiary companies offer a wide range of products and are categorized as:

·         Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point  Systems  for TDM and Ethernet transmission

·         Next Generation, High Capacity (1.6 Gbps per link), Native Ethernet Microwave Systems 

      (licensed or unlicensed spectrum from 6 to 38 GHz)

·          Next Generation SDH platform (MSPP, MSSP,MSTP) and SDH Equipment ( STM 1,        

        STM4 and STM 16)

·         Satellite based communication systems

·         Timing & synchronization systems

·         Mobile Switching System, NIB, Pico BTS/BSS,Nano BTS/BSS,MicroBTS,BSC

·         Fixed Wimax and Mobile Wimax (Up to 3 sector from a single chassis)

·         GSM/ EDGE and 3G/WCDMA- HSDPA Modems

·         LAN/WAN networking products

·         Surveillance Systems

·         Other telecommunication products i.e. payphones, EPABXs, converters, etc.

Telecom Division has a dedicated Group of very Senior Telecom visionaries and professionals aided by working level teams to identify and provide the best suited turnkey solutions to our customers with successful project implementation and durable operation. We have set-up a full range of dedicated services for every stage of customer’s project.


 We offer following services: 

  • Network Design & Engineering from concept to completion and to hand hold customers as partners in their network evolution and operations.
  • Site Survey to understand existing network infrastructure and to help network design, product identification and implementation up to services and maintenance.
  • Network Consultancy and Audit for the stages of the project to help identification of just required network needs.
  • Project Management in order to report progress activities during the development phase of specific solution.
  • System delivery with field services such as installation, commissioning acceptance test and reliability run testing.
  • Training with operating and maintenance manuals of system along with supervision tools.
  • Support services with Hot Line or/and On Site Assistance to solve any type of issues related to the supplied system.
  • Repair services to ensure continuous operation with a repair progress well under control with agreed Turn Around Time and optimized sets of spare parts.
  Product Overview:
  Product Description Application
1. Sub 6Ghz MicrowaveRadio 

·         Complete system for carrier-class TDM and Ethernet connectivity at up to 50 Mbps full-duplex (upto 8 E1+ Eth) over the 2.3-2.7 GHz and 4.9-5.95 GHz spectrum bands and comply with worldwide standards and regulations (including FCC and ETSI).

  • Cellular , WiFi , WiMAX, and IP Backhaul. 
  • Connectivity for Large Corporations/Institutions .
  •  High Capacity Private Networks. 



High Capacity Digital Microwave Radio 





































Full Radio Featured

.     ATPC
.     RTPC
.     Frequency agility : 250 KHz steps
.     7 to 56 MHz Channel size options
.     From 4 to  1024 QAM
.     Hitless Automatic Adaptive Modulation
.     XPIC enables channel reuse
.     Software scalable  Throughput :
.     500 Mbps  FULL duplex per carrier
.     (1000Mps w/ CC Reuse by XPIC)

.     8 X E1 , IDU 16 X E1
.     DS0 management
.     Advanced security and encryption
.     Embedded craft terminal
.     DC/DC protection
.     Interfaces:

  2. Giga ETH ports
  3. Optical interface
  4. G703 for TDm traffic (up to 16E1)
  5. Dry contacts i/f
Nodal  Functionalties

.     Ring Configuration:
      switching time < 50ms
.     Network synchronization with SynchE and 1588v2
.     Rapid link shutdown
.     Jumbo frames
.     Enhanced queuing:
      Builds a UNI interface with e2e QoS
.     LAG
.     Integrated Carrier Eth switch


Multiple Configurations
.     MiXed Traffic i/f (FEth. + E1)
.     TDM transport over Ethernet
(CESoP standard)
.     NIDU Eth & NIDU Eth+ 16E1
      Manage up to 4 MW Radio
.     Configurations topologies :
      Ring ; 1+0; 1+1; 2+0 
.     Integrated Carrier Eth switch
      Synchronization over Eth.
.     TDM transport over Ethernet
(CESoP standard)
.     Stackable in protected configurations


         WiMax/LTE Backhaul

         School District Backbone

         Last Mile Access

         Fiber Extension

         WISP Backbone

         Campus Extension

         Pseudowire capability that enables integration of Ethernet and TDM traffic across single packet –based network.



 NGSDH & SDH Equipment      


·         Legacy TDM interfaces

·         Data interfaces ,such as Ethernet,GigE,Fiber Channel or DVB

·         NG SDH functionalities such as GFP,VCAT and LCAS

·         Optical interfaces from STM-0 to STM-64.

·         Deliver packet & TDM services

·         STM-1 to STM-64 SDH

        Provides higher flexibility and lower capital expenses (Capex) operational expenses (Opex).

       Today’s best combination   for data and circuit transport.

         Multiservice packet-friendly NG SDH.


Satellite based communication systems 


·         Cost-effective design, packaging, and easy operation for carrier-class interactive data, voice, and video conferencing

·         Supports various antennas options, plus BUCs/LNBs in C, Ku, Ka and EHF bands



         Telecom service providers


         Governments and enterprises

         Multicast IP applications.


Timing & Synchronization

·         A range of modular equipment & systems in compliance with ITU-T G.811, G.812 & G.813 recommendations OCXO,DOCXO & Rubidium and Maser technologies.

·         PRC, SSU, NTP Time Server and GPS reference clocks, with NMS.


         Complete synchronization solutions and services for telecommunications, digital broadcasting and defense applications

         IP network synchronization 


Mobile Switching System

·         We offer a complete portfolio of highly scalable switching systems including all the value-added services. Our innovative technologies provide cost-effective switching solutions that allow service providers to deploy distributed networks that switch local traffic, significantly reducing backhaul costs.


         As mobile operators migrate to an all-IP core network, they require solutions that enable an easy transition to packet switching while allowing connectivity to any legacy circuit-switched network.


Network-In-A-Box  (NIB)

·         Smallest and lowest entry point into the GSM wireless space.

·         Supports a complete GSM network by integrating a mobile switching center (MSC), a base station controller (BSC) and a base transceiver station (BTS) in a single compact enclosure.


·         It is the cost-effective and small-scale solution for various applications, including tactical networks, private networks, cruise ships, military applications, emergency responses, etc. The GSM NIB is designed for rapid deployment.


Pico BTS/Pico BSS


·         Supports voice and data for all GSM bands (850, 900, 1800, and 1900 MHz)

·         All-IP architecture supporting standard 3GPP interfaces

·         Integrated BSC functionality

·         Local switching within the enterprise

·         Easy DAS integration for extended coverage

·         Roadmap toward IP PBX connectivity and enterprise FMC


·         In-building wireless experience and incorporates innovative GSM radio and core network technologies.

·         Packaged in a compact, rack-mountable, server-like enclosure, they are designed to be easily installed and configured by corporate IT personnel.


Nano BTS

·         NanoBTS is a complete GSM base station in a laptop size enclosure. It has been widely used for rapid and low cost installation to solve the indoor coverage problems.

·         Single TRX picocell

·         50/900/1800/1900MHz EDGE/AMR

·         TX power for GMSK: +23dBm for 1800/1900MHz and +20 for 850/900 MHz

·         TX power for 8PSK: +13dBm for 1800/1900MHz and +20 for 850/900 MHz

·         Integrated Omni antennas


·         Its applications include filling Macro network holes, and offloading the macro network in office buildings, high rise buildings, business parks, multi-tenant buildings, satellite-based applications, and more.


·         The nano BTS can be using a standard Ethernet connection. With a plug-and-play feature, the nano BTS is very easy to install and maintain.


Micro BTS 


·         MicroBTS is an outdoor IP-based solution designed to increase RF coverage and capacity while reducing up front deployment cost and on-going operating expense.

·         Fully sealed, IP-67 environmental rating

·         Passive cooling for virtually no maintenance

·         Small form-factor for stealth deployment

·         Low power consumption

·         2 or 4 TRX Omni configurations

·         Universal mounting bracket


·         The microBTS is perfect for numerous applications, including hot spots and hole fill at the edge of the network, business campuses, universities, stadiums, subways, tunnels, and rural communities.


·         Simple to install and maintain. Passive cooling – no fans or filters to maintain


·         Flexible IP backhaul


Base Station Controller


·         A high-capacity BSC that aggregates and manages communications between the BTS and the MSC, it supports up to 84 TRXs.


·         It is available for any GSM, DCS, or PCS network.


Cell Site Amplifiers

Tower-Mounted Amplifier

Ground-Mounted Amplifier


Tower-Mounted Amplifier

  • Slim, stackable design to conserve tower space
  • Highly advanced LNA amplifies RX signal for improved receiver performance and increased coverage

Ground-Mounted Amplifier

  • Slim, stackable design conserves rack space and eliminates tower climbs
  • Highly advanced LNA amplifies RX signal for improved receiver performance and increase in coverage

·         Tower-mounted amplifier system for wideband applications


·         Advanced filtering maintains the lowest possible noise figure for improved QoS.


·         Modular system is fully compatible with all base stations


·         Power and alarming for up to three GMA units.



Fixed WiMax

·         Carrier-grade WiMAX Base Station

·         Single-sector Base Station

·         Subscriber Unit

·         Complete range of end-to-end WiMAX solutions including voice, multi-media, and data from virtually any subscriber type (fixed, outdoor, indoor).


Solution delivers the critical elements required to extend services to a wide range of subscribers — ranging from large enterprises and public-sector organizations to multi-tenant buildings.



Mobile  Wimax

·         Up to 3 sector from a single chassis

·         Single sector

·         Pico base station

·         Includes a full line of subscriber stations:

·         Multiple backhaul options.


·         Mobile WiMAX (MMX) solutions are all outdoor,
"place anywhere" 802.16e WiMAX base stations:

·         Outdoor, indoor with voice, data, Wi-Fi capabilities:


Subscriber End Equipment


·         GSM Payphones

·         GSM Fax Machines

·         Data Cards

·         End users



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