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Telecom Division Presentation in French

SMCEL-Telecom Division
is a unique division as it has the capability of providing both Telecom and Enterprise Networking Solutions for Wireless and Wireline Infrastructures.  

Telecom Division is a major supplier of turnkey solutions and masters all service activities from network design & planning upto installation and training during the system deployment with extensive range of support for the whole operational service life.

Telecom Division and its associated subsidiary companies offer a wide range of products and are categorized as:

·         Point-to-Point and Multiple-Point-to-Point  Systems  for TDM and Ethernet transmission

·         Next Generation, High Capacity (1.6 Gbps per link), Native Ethernet Microwave Systems 

      (licensed or unlicensed spectrum from 6 to 38 GHz)

·          Next Generation SDH platform (MSPP, MSSP,MSTP) and SDH Equipment ( STM 1,        

        STM4 and STM 16)

·         Satellite based communication systems

·         Timing & synchronization systems

·         Mobile Switching System, NIB, Pico BTS/BSS,Nano BTS/BSS,MicroBTS,BSC

·         Fixed Wimax and Mobile Wimax (Up to 3 sector from a single chassis)

·         GSM/ EDGE and 3G/WCDMA- HSDPA Modems

·         LAN/WAN networking products

·         Surveillance Systems

·         Other telecommunication products i.e. payphones, EPABXs, converters, etc.

Telecom Division has a dedicated Group of very Senior Telecom visionaries and professionals aided by working level teams to identify and provide the best suited turnkey solutions to our customers with successful project implementation and durable operation. We have set-up a full range of dedicated services for every stage of customer’s project.