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Electronics Passive Component

We offer a wide range of Passive Components for Aerospace, Military, Industrial, Traction and Medical applications with products qualified to CECC/EN Standards and also ESA/MIL Standards. Our Principal products are of Hi-Rel and QPL listed and used worldwide in wide range of Space applications.

The Product overview & offering includes:
ResistorsPower Magnetics
Surface Mount ResistorsMiniature Chip Inductors
Wire Wound Power Resistors Flyback Transformers
Wire wound high current resistorsCurrent Transformers
Wire wound metal oxide resistorsWideband RF Transformers
Carbon & Ceramic Composition ResistorsMil-1553 Bus Transformers
Thick film Power ResistorsISDN Transformers
Heat Sinkable Thick film Power ResistorsCoils
Thick film/High voltage ,Precision ResistorsChokes
Variable Voltage Controls-RheostatCustom Hybrid Transformers
Capacitors Super Capacitors
Ceramic Chip CapacitorsHybrid Capacitors
Ceramic LeadedShock Hard Hybrid Capacitors
High Voltage CeramicStud Mount Hybrid Capacitors
Microwave Ceramic CapacitorsPackaged Hybrid Capacitors
Multi-layer Ceramic CapacitorsHybrid Capacitor Banks
Metallized Polycarbonate CapacitorsCapattery
Plastic Film CapacitorsElectro-Mechanical
Polystyrene CapacitorsHigh Precision Potentiometers
Polypropylene CapacitorsSlip Rings
Trimmer Capacitors Magnetic Heads
Mica CapacitorsEMI/RFI Filters
Electrolytic CapacitorsCustom Slip Rings
Solid Tantalum CapacitorsCustom Potentiometers
Wet Tantalum CapacitorsCustom Capacitor Banks

Our Principal products are listed on EPPL Part I and II for CNES qualified applications in accordance with ESA/SCC specifications.

Our principals can also undertake custom development to meet:
  • Specific characteristics
  • Special package
  • Additional testing specific to the application
  • Supply of components in accordance with MIL-Standards/specifications
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